Xvideo extension video plugin

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Sun Apr 1 08:16:02 CEST 2001

On Sun, Apr 01, 2001, Shane Harper wrote:

> I've created a new video output plugin which uses the Xvideo extension. (YUV => RGB conversion and
> image scaling are now done by my video card.)

   Wow, thanks ! This was a very long awaited feature, I'm sure a few
people will be eternally grateful to you.

   I will commit it as soon as possible. I merged scale_img.c into
vout_xvideo.c because this computation won't be needed when the new
video output is finished. Also, I did a few variable and function name
changes to match our coding guidelines.

   It works pretty well on my two boxes, but will need some additional
testing before we have it compiled by default. The current issues are:

   - as you already pointed out, there is much duplicated code
    between vout_x11.c and vout_xvideo.c
   - the window is white on opening ; having it black would be nice
   - it only works if the stream size equals the initial window size (most
    of the time, 720x576). this is rather a limitation of video output,
    but if a quick hack can be found until it gets fixed, I don't think
    it will hurt
   - Shm is mandatory

   As for your Gnome interface patch, it will have to wait a bit more
since it conflicts with a few of my own local interface changes.


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