CVS Commit: vlc

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Sat Apr 7 18:33:28 CEST 2001

À (At) 16:59 -0400 6/04/01, Eugenio Jarosiewicz écrivait (wrote) :

>One thing: I hacked the script a little to not build X11
>  by default on OSX, since most ppl will have it installed on their OSX
>The reason for the big with_macosx hack is because (as the comment in
>the file said) something like
>       AC_CHECK_HEADERS(X11/Xlib.h, [PLUGINS=${PLUGINS}"x11 "])
>doesn't work since in my case XF86 installs in
>/usr/X11R6/include/X11/*.h files
>and apparently autoconf is not smart enough to check for that.  I
>could check the system host_os and use the instead of the with_macosx

For the moment I have disabled the build of the x11 plugin if 
X11/Xlib.h is not found, until we find something better.

>That, and can we change line 199 of the current from
>       PLUGINS=${PLUGINS}"sdl ";
>to something like

This line is only used if you give --with-sdl explicitly. Otherwise 
we go to line 211, which is what you want. So I don't see your point, 

Christophe Massiot.

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