0.2.71 release & Mac OS X/Darwin 1.3

Eric Carlson carl0240 at tc.umn.edu
Fri Apr 13 10:54:29 CEST 2001

Sorry for the length of this message...

I realize it's a very early development effort, but... I just downloaded 
and attempted to make the latest 0.2.71 tarball on Mac OS X 1.0 (build 
4K78) and had some issues. 0.2.70 made fine and worked playing MPEGs and 
unencrypted DVD vobs for me but the latest doesn't...

[localhost:~/build/vlc-0271/vlc-0.2.71] ecarlson% ./configure 
[localhost:~/build/vlc-0271/vlc-0.2.71] ecarlson% make
<...looks good up to here... a few warnings but nothing critical ...>
cc -fPIC -o lib/sdl.so plugins/sdl/sdl.o plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.o 
plugins/sdl/aout_sdl.o -bundle -undefined suppress -L/usr/X11R6/lib 
-lSDL -framework Carbon -framework AGL
rm -rf vlc.app
mkdir -p vlc.app/Contents/Resources
mkdir -p vlc.app/Contents/MacOS/lib
mkdir -p vlc.app/Contents/MacOS/share
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 extras/MacOSX_app/Contents/Info.plist 
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 extras/MacOSX_app/Contents/PkgInfo 
/usr/bin/install -c vlc vlc.app/Contents/MacOS/
/usr/bin/install -c share/vlc.icns vlc.app/Contents/Resources/
/usr/bin/install: share/vlc.icns: No such file or directory

BTW, i'm disabling GTK above because my GTK install is a bit broken and 
I have no use for it anyway.

It looks like it actually made everything, but the vlc command line 
binary pukes:
[localhost:~/build/vlc-0271/vlc-0.2.71] ecarlson% ./vlc
VideoLAN Client - version 0.2.71 Ourumov - (C)1996-2001 VideoLAN

Bus error
[localhost:~/build/vlc-0271/vlc-0.2.71] ecarlson% ./vlc -vvvv
VideoLAN Client - version 0.2.71 Ourumov - (C)1996-2001 VideoLAN

intf: playlist initialized
module: module bank initialized
module: browsing .
module: browsing //lib
module: browsing /usr/local/lib/videolan/vlc
intf error: no suitable intf module
intf error: interface initialization failed
intf: playlist destroyed

vlc.app doesn't start up either (probably due to the make error above).

However, the last few CVS updates I've pulled (last few days, including 
earlier today) have built without error (same vlc command line binary 
errors though, but the vlc.app worked nearly flawlessly!).

I've also messed around a bit with the unfinished DVDioctl.kext from 
0.2.70 with the dangerous ioctl stuff enabled. I've got kernel panic 
output if anyone's interested.


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