[ANN] vlc 0.2.72

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Mon Apr 16 19:09:22 CEST 2001

   The VideoLAN team is trying to bring back the OpenSource "release
early, release often" tradition we had lost for a moment. So you
probably haven't had time to compile 0.2.71, and here is already vlc
version 0.2.72, codenamed "tromag sucks". Mostly a bugfix release
correcting problems introduced in 0.2.71.

   Major changes:

  * Fixed a bug introduced in 0.2.71 preventing to read some DVDs.
  * Fixed the BeOS "window sometimes doesn't appear" bug.
  * Fixed the MacOS X "vlc crashes when run withoug arguments" bug.
  * Modules can now be built into the application. As a result,
    performances are probably improved. Also, the MacOS X port no
    longer needs the dl library and the BeOS port doesn't need to
    find plugins.

   You can view the complete changelog for this release at

   You can download 0.2.72 via HTTP or FTP:


   The usual packages are online. Happy Easter Monday to all.

For the VideoLAN team,
Samuel Hocevar <sam at zoy.org> <http://sam.zoy.org/>  
for DVDs in Linux screw the MPAA and ; do dig $DVDs.z.zoy.org ; done | \
      perl -ne 's/\.//g; print pack("H224",$1) if(/^x([^z]*)/)' | gunzip

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