Compile/configuration fixes

Espen Skoglund esk at
Thu Apr 19 23:15:35 CEST 2001


Just downloaded the vlc stuff to see what the state of the software
was but encountered a couple of configuration/compile problems (I'm
using FreeBSD).  I've attached some diffs which fixes these problems
plus some other minor issues.

  o configure should respect GTK_CONFIG and ESD_CONFIG variables.  The
    various BSD port/pkg collections expects this, and so will the
    upcoming OpenPackage stuff.

  o gtk/Makefile should not simply invoke gtk-config.  This file is
    named differently on many systems (i.e., most BSD installations),
    and the build process will thus break.  I've introduced a
    CFLAGS_GTK setting which fixes this.

  o configure should respect --x-includes and --x-libraries.  I've
    added this and made an CFLAGS_X11 which is used inside

  o AC_PROG_CC and AC_PROG_CPP checks the respective user-settings
    before assigning anything to the variables -- no need to do this

  o FreeBSD (prior to 5.0) require the -pthread flag to gcc.  I've
    addded the appropriate check to configure.

There are also some other things that should be considered.

  o With the current build procedure it is not possible to cd into
    a directory and do a make there.  One has to do a make in the top
    level dir.

  o The makefiles are extremely GNU make specific.

  o Distributing variables from configure to plugin makefiles is
    somewhat hacky in the current implementation.

  o The SDL and Gnome configure stuff should use sdl-config and

If one uses automake insted of handcrafted makefiles, most of these
issues are actually solved and you get a useful set of standard make
targets (including the very useful `make dist').  Oh well, that my two
cents anyway.  I just don't know how you prefer to structure
makefiles, and that's why I ended up with the CFLAGS_* hacks above.
(Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to remove the `configure'
file from the CVS.  I assume that it must be annoying for you to get
loads of conflicts everytime you do a `cvs up'.)


PS! I do not subscribe to this mailing list.

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