basic win32 port

Xavier Marchesini xav at
Thu Apr 26 17:37:30 CEST 2001

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>    Yeah, an old troll indeed. :-)

Was sure you would agree :)

>    Well, consider the work Gildas has done, it has required no major
> code additions and it already works. As for the additional #ifdefs,
> there are only 21 of them, which is acceptable, and I plan to drop this
> number down to about 10.
>    Honestly, are there any real advantages in forking the repository ?

Yep, actually I wanted to fork the repository to "protect" the « working
» linux vlc from my low quality code :-)

>    (prepare yourself for the next episodes of our saga: why use DirectX
> since SDL is already done ? why use MSVC since gcc works ?)

As Meuuh told it, there's support for hardware decoding in DirectX ; but
we should take in account the opinions of the "GNU integrists" (explicit
joke :-)), and we could surely prepare a SDL plugin. But I'm convinced
that DirectX will provide us enough performances. The main idea is also
that, given that one can't have a Windows without DirectX, let's try to
do something that will fit on every windows. (I never installed SDL for
windows, so I can't really talk about it.)

Let's consider the point of the compiler ; I heard from a generally
well-informed source (well, remi and babal) that gcc for Windows is not
really that performant. The enormous advantage of gcc would be, but I'm
not sure, the portability of the Makefiles. Let's wait that Babal comes
back from his exam ; I think he knows better than me the advantages of
each compiler under Windows.

And we won't use SDL, otherwise we wouldn't have anything to code :-)

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