CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Sun Apr 29 16:52:42 CEST 2001

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/dvd
Modified Files:

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/src/input
Modified Files:

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/src/video_parser
Modified Files:

Log Message:
-slight modification in ClockManageRef: after a synchro reinit, we still
do the mwait and re-init last-cr so that there no date irregularity.
Such a thing is necessary for dvd playback at cell change ; however,
Meuuh, could you look at that since you might think we should do

-turned the "bitsream callback discontinuity" message to debug.

-removed modification of the title environnement variable in input dvd
at title change since we no longer restart the input at title change.


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