[ANN] vlc 0.2.82

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Tue Aug 7 14:12:55 CEST 2001

   The VideoLAN team is happy to deliver version 0.2.82 of vlc,
codenamed "renater sucks". It is mostly a bugfix release which fixes
lots of issues discovered in 0.2.81.

   Major changes:

  * New BSD/OS port, with full DVD support (using libdvdcss).
  * Win32 fixes - DirectX audio output, DVD input.
  * X11 fixes - better XVideo detection, fix for bad cursor error.
  * Misc fixes - crashes fixed in ac3dec, spudec, input_ps, intf_rc, yuvmmx...
  * Environment detection improvements at build time.
  * Lots of other bugfixes.

   You can view the complete changelog for this release at

   You can download vlc 0.2.82 via HTTP or FTP:


   Binaries are currently only available for Debian x86. As usual,
builds for other distributions, operating systems and architectures are
welcome and can be uploaded to our incoming directory:


   You may experience trouble connecting to our server from certain
places of the Earth today, due to routing issues somewhere in Paris. We
apologize for the inconvenience.

For the VideoLAN team,
Samuel Hocevar <sam at zoy.org> <http://sam.zoy.org/>
for DVDs in Linux screw the MPAA and ; do dig $DVDs.z.zoy.org ; done | \
      perl -ne 's/\.//g; print pack("H224",$1) if(/^x([^z]*)/)' | gunzip

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