Everything is BLACK... RedHat 7.0, w/- XFree 4.1, ATI Rage Mob & GLibC 2.2

Hamish Marson hmarson at attglobal.net
Thu Aug 16 23:37:46 CEST 2001

Hi all.

Sorry to xpost, but I just can't get the video to be stable using

I have Redhat (Or originally redhat) 7.0, with XFree 4.1, glibc 2.2.3,
on an IBM Thinkpad A20p. The video is an ATI Rage Mobility 128. SDL
games such as Alpha Centauri work fine using SDL, but Videolan (vlc)
just displays a black picture...

I thought I'd discovered a fix by openeing the preferences & setting the
gamma to 5.0 then hitting apply before trying to play the DVD, but when
I got home (All excited) I discovered it had reverted back to no video
again... The window appears to be working OK, except the gamma just
seems to be getting ignored (Almost always) and just setting all the
pixels to 0...

Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried changing the default
gamma in config.h to 5.0, no changes... It's almost like something is
over-writing it...


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