Getting the Original Movie Size in Pixels

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Tue Aug 21 07:27:59 CEST 2001

On Tuesday 21 August 2001 2:19 am, Tony Castley wrote:
> Is it possible to get the Height and width of the original movie?  With 
> I can use BeOS's inbuild scaling routines.  It appears that this may reduce 
> the CPU usage by 1/3.
> Tony

The size of the original picture can be found in 
"p_vout->p_rendered_pic->i_width" and "p_vout->p_rendered_pic->i_width" but 
beware, these values are only meaningful during calls to vout_Display and 

Futhermore, if you are using software rendering (YUV->RGB done by vlc), the 
size of the final RBG picture is different to the original MPEG picture (I 
think). In this case, you maybe able to use "p_vout->p_buffer[ 
p_vout->i_buffer_index ].i_pic_width" and "_vout->p_buffer[ 
p_vout->i_buffer_index ].i_pic_height" (although I never tested this).


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