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Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Tue Aug 21 20:40:37 CEST 2001

On Tuesday 21 August 2001 4:11 pm, Markus Heckmann wrote:
> Hello !
> I was interested to develop the vlc under windows !
> I want to use the Microsoft VC6++, and no crosscompiler !
> Is there anybody who can give me a project and(or) workspace file for
> VC6++???

You don't have to use a cross-compiler to compile vlc-win32. This is what is 
advertised on the Windows page on only because this what I used 
to develop the win32 port and I haven't tested anything else.

If you really want to compile VLC with VC6++ you can maybe ask some help from 
Jon Lech Johansen <jon-vl at> because he is using MSVC (among a few 
other compilers ;).

But my advice would be to use the cygwin development environement instead. 
Mainly because you would be able to compile VLC almost out of the box. (well, 
it may not be that easy because you will also have to install Mingw on top of 
cygwin, but it shouldn't be too hard). (have a look at and
I also don't think you will be able to compile the accelerated plugins for 
vlc with VC6++, because these plugins contain inline assembly code in gcc 
style syntax. (Jon can you confirm this ?)

I actually played with Cygwin a few days ago, and I must say it has made some 
really good progress. If you use the provided rxvt terminal instead of the 
dos command box, you almost feel like you are using unix :)

If you need some more help, don't hesitate to ask.


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