How do we treat additional/optional library (read codecs) in the vlc source tree?

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Mon Dec 3 01:31:13 CET 2001

À (At) 22:27 +0100 2/12/01, Samuel Hocevar écrivait (wrote) :

>    I wouldn't exactly call libmad a codec ; your plugin which uses
>libmad is the codec, but libmad itself shouldn't be added to the vlc
>tree, for all the reasons you already mentioned.
>    libdvdcss doesn't really follow this rule, because at the beginning
>all its code was part of vlc and we weren't exactly sure which parts
>should stay within vlc and which ones would have to go into the lib. But
>libdvdcss will eventually be a completely standalone piece of software.

I must say that I agree with sam. BTW, I have been pretty busy 
recently (and still will be in the coming three weeks), but I will 
work on integrating Jean-Paul's patch for libmad tomorrow 
(hopefully). Sorry for the delay Jean-Paul.

>  > 2. Is vlc going to support 'make dist-ipaq' ?
>    I'm not qualified to answer this question. But isn't the ipkg/
>directory Christophe created enough?

It should be. Have a look at ipkg-buildpackage (that's what I use).

Christophe Massiot.

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