Multicast source

Mathias Kretschmer mathias at
Mon Dec 3 01:32:42 CET 2001


I've tested my patches mainly under Linux and MacOS X and found them to
work fine.

Try the following:

vlc --broadcast <multicast group> ts://<server IP or>:port 

Under MacOS X you might run into the problem that vlc can not increase
the size of the socket's receive buffer. I've submitted another patch -
which should be included in the current (CVS) version - that deals with
that issue. It'll make vlc print out a warning instead of terminating 
the whole thing.

Looking at the 0.291 code, it can't see how IP Multicast could work
under WIN32, since someone commented out the relevant code. It might
work under some special circumstances, but the WIN32 code needs fixing. 

My initial patch should have worked under WIN32, since I took it out of
a source tree that runs fine under Unix and Windows. I might have made
a small mistake while changing variable names or adding header files.
I can't really tell since I don't have a proper environment to build the
windows version. The major difference is that windows bind()s to instead of the multicast group.



> We have tested musticast with vlc on our local network. It seems to work fine.
>  Mathias K wrote the patch to get this working.
> DS
> Tristan Leteurtre wrote:
> > On Wed, Nov 28, 2001, Bindley, Sean wrote:
> > > Is vlc capable of "tuning" into an MPEG-2 stream that is being multicast on
> > > a network.  If so, how do you do it?
> >
> > In theory, vlc should be able to support multicast, it has been coded by
> > never tested. I do not personnaly know how to use multicast with vlc,
> > but we may test this feature in several weeks.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > --
> > Tooney

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