[ANN] Sending CVS commit information to -devel lists

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Thu Feb 15 22:00:13 CET 2001

   From now, CVS commits which were sent to the private videolan-devel
list will be sent to the public vlc-devel and vls-devel lists. People
who were subscribed to videolan-devel need not change anything since
they have been automatically subscribed to all -devel lists. For more
information on subscribing to the mailing-lists, see:


   Commits to the vlc module will be sent to vlc-devel, and commits to
the vls and vlms modules will be sent to vls-devel.

   The CVS tree is often more advanced than the released versions, but
we will do our best to do frequent releases. For more information on
using the VideoLAN CVS, please see:


For the VideoLAN team,
Samuel Hocevar <sam at zoy.org> <http://sam.zoy.org/>
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