CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Sun Feb 18 02:42:05 CET 2001

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc
Modified Files: 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/dvd
Modified Files:
	dvd_css.c dvd_ifo.c dvd_udf.c dvd_udf.h input_dvd.c 

Log Message:
-UDF filesystem support so that we know the location of the first video
related file with 100% reliability (great change that should make DVDs
with binaries and extra stuff work with vlc).

-Correction of a bug in ifo reading that falsified the adress of
video titles.

-Changed the method for selecting title at start. It is _not_ reliable
though, but it is better than the preceding one.


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