CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Tue Feb 20 13:06:28 CET 2001

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc
Modified Files: 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/src/ac3_decoder
Modified Files:
	ac3_bit_allocate.c ac3_bit_stream.h ac3_decoder.c 
	ac3_decoder.h ac3_decoder_thread.c ac3_downmix.c 
	ac3_exponent.c ac3_imdct.c ac3_internal.h ac3_mantissa.c 
	ac3_parse.c ac3_rematrix.c 
Added Files:
	ac3_downmix.h ac3_downmix_c.c 

Log Message:
* Move ac3 globals variables into structures
* Adding authors
* Prepared to add asm imdct and downmix


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