regarding your RTP

Thierry Foucu thierry.foucu at
Tue Feb 20 22:29:32 CET 2001

hello guys,

I just find your project, and I found it very interresting. I'm working also
for my company on MPEG2, and networking stuffs.

I was wondering what do you want about your RTP? what type of client/server
application do you want?

do you want something running in the kernel mode, or in the user space?

doing RTP is not enought, you will have also to develop RTCP, which is the
most complex. Is that your plan?

for my company, I just done to write RTP/RTCP for MPEG1/2 .... 

I can NOT give away my code, but I may be able to help to write a new one.
The one I have is specific to the OS we use.

let me know if you are interrested

Thierry Foucu
Senior Software Engineer
SkyStream Networks, Inc.
Email: Thierry at

PS: Sorry, I wrote in english, I should write also in french, because I'm
french :-) I'm a french engineer also, so I know what is a student's project

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