can't expand

Shigeru Kobayashi kotobuki at
Wed Feb 21 03:51:10 CET 2001


>I tried right now, and still I can't expand with both Expand-O-Matic and 
>unzip. Is this the binary which you just uploaded ? And how did you make the 
>archive ?
>$ ls -all vlc*
>-rw-r--r--   1
>        users      228447 Feb 21 10:47

I tried again several minutes ago, and I can expand the archive.

$ ls -all vlc*
-rw-r--r--   1
        users      291865 Feb 21 11:37

Unfortunately, I don't have MPEG2 encoded movies on my hard disk, so I just 
tried with MPEG1 movie file. It looks very fine and requires relatively lower 
CPU power than default MPEG1 codec under BeOS. Thank you very much for all of 
you !

BTW, I can't find any contents in 'VideoLAN Client 0.2.62. (BeOS interface)' 
window. Is this normal ?

Shigeru Kobayashi
kotobuki at

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