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Raynald Lesieur Raynald.Lesieur at u-picardie.fr
Mon Feb 26 16:59:35 CET 2001


    I have tested Videolan on my Computer with BeOS ( the OS ), and I have 
one problem.

    I transmit you the following message that I have in a terminal:

    After enterring the command : vlc dvd:/dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/slave/0/raw

VideoLAN Client - version 0.2.62 Urumov - (c)1996-2000 VideoLAN

intf: interface initialized
vout: video display initialized (720x576, 32/32 bpp)
input: opening dvd:/dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/slave/0/raw
CSS fatal error
input: opening dvd:/dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/slave/0/raw
Drive would not Authenticate
CSS fatal error

    I have a Pentium III at 733 Mhz, 128 Mo Ram, .... and ASUS DVDROM.

    It's possible that DVDROM Drive is not compatible, but I would sure.

   Thank you for your answer.


PS: excuse me for my english !!
Raynald Lesieur
E-mail : Raynald.Lesieur at iut.u-picardie.fr

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