need a nice way to handle interruption in input stream

Chris Worley cworley at
Fri Jul 6 19:19:03 CEST 2001

I've got vlc reading from /dev/stdin, which is coming from a program 
stream being piped over the network.

Occasionally, due to load, the server slows and can't keep up with the 
frame rate.  These interruptions are only temporary.

When they occur, vlc acts as if the server needs to speed up to get 
back to the real time, rather than adjusting the time to compensate.

The net effect is: the screen freezes or goes black.  To compensate, I 
press the "slow" button, and eventually the frames start displaying 
again.  Once they do, I can press "play" again and resume watching.

Where in the code would I look to programatically compensate for the 
interruption in the input stream (i.e. reset the time base)?  I 
realize this will cause a hiccup in playback, but that's better than 
the alternative.



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