CVS Commit: vlc

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Mon Jul 9 20:49:10 CEST 2001

On Monday 09 July 2001 12:15 am, cvs at wrote:
> Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/include
> Modified Files:
> 	ac3_imdct.h 
> Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/downmix
> Modified Files:
> 	ac3_downmix_3dn.c ac3_downmix_sse.c 
> Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/imdct
> Modified Files:
> 	ac3_imdct_3dn.c ac3_imdct_sse.c ac3_srfft_3dn.c 
> 	ac3_srfft_sse.c 
> Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/src/ac3_decoder
> Modified Files:
> 	ac3_decoder.h ac3_decoder_thread.c ac3_decoder_thread.h 
> Log Message:
> * Alignement in asm functions
> * 16 bytes alignement for data (need fo SSE)
> * Optimization in SSE
> -- 
> reno

When I compile vlc with debug enabled (./configure --enable-debug), the 
imdctsse module will produce a segfault.
This isn't happening when you compile with debug disabled.

VLC was already doing that before these changes. In a former email I already
reported the problem:
"I get a segfault in ac3_imdct_sse.c in imdct512_pre_ifft_twiddle_sse() just 
after the .loop: label at this line exactly:
"movss (%%ecx, %%esi, 8), %%xmm1\n" /* 2j */"

The same this is also happening on the Win32 version of VLC.
I haven't been able to test this on another computer though...

I tried to fix the problem, but I couldn't find what was wrong in the code.

Do you have the same problem ?


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