Samuel Hocevar sam at
Tue Jul 24 14:08:18 CEST 2001

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001, M Grooms wrote:

>  Could somone please help me out here? I wrote a quick and diry dvd
> plugin for the xine player using libdvdcss. While it plays back
> unencrypted DVD's fine it barfs on any encrypted DVD that I try. I
> havn't tested the plugin on a linux box ( I don't have access to one
> with a dvd player ) so I though perhapse it could be a problem with
> libdvdcss on FreeBSD. It says encrypted DVD playback is "Untested" on
> the bsd section of your website. Has anyone looked into libdvdcss on
> FreeBSD? Thanks..

   Current CVS version is reported to work under FreeBSD, could you try
it ? Maybe stuff has been fixed since the first release (be careful, the
API for dvdcss_crack has changed a bit).


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