CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Wed Jul 25 05:12:33 CEST 2001

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc
Modified Files:

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/gtk
Modified Files:
	Makefile gtk_control.c gtk_display.c gtk_menu.c gtk_modules.c 
	gtk_open.c gtk_playlist.c gtk_preferences.c 

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/text
Modified Files:
	intf_ncurses.c ncurses.c 

Log Message:

  * ncurses compilation fix by Michael Mondragon <mammon at>.
  * fix for large inline functions and gcc 3.0.
  * fixed the gnome plugin so that it does not include gtk headers.


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