Help about Network PS stream decode error

Li Lifeng lilf at
Mon Jun 25 02:01:14 CEST 2001


  Thank you for your reply.

  I don't know what warning messages exact means,
I think if SafeRead is block then decoder thread should 
block too.
  You mean I should add a buffer to ensure Saferead
always have enough bits to return?



>À (At) 21:09 +0200 21/06/01, Li Lifeng écrivait (wrote) :
>>   Here is the code I add in input.c to support multicast
>>and input_ps.c to support ps://server:port streams.
>Don't you have a problem with input_ps.c:SafeRead() ? I don't know 
>what happens if it is called when there aren't enough bytes in the 
>kernel buffer to fill in p_buffer.
>Christophe Massiot.

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