request for another option to the vlc command line interface.

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Mon Jun 25 18:43:29 CEST 2001


I've played a little with cosmetic aspects of the win32 vlc port (hey, now 
that the dvd plugin and network input are working, it's time for a little bit 
of polishing :)

Basically I want the VLC to be a GUI application and not a console one (the 
mwindows option of mingw32) so that we don't have this annoying dos command 
box poping up everytime you run VLC.
My problem is that if you make VLC a GUI application then output commands 
like printf and friends won't do anything. So you loose all the precious 
debug info.
The solution is to create an attached dos console only when you run VLC with 
for expample the verbose command (-v), in short the -v option would open a 
debug console.
But then, I've got another problem: I cannot redirect anymore the debug 
messages to a file ( I used to use vlc -vvv > debug.txt ), and this is really 
annoying as win9x dos command boxes only have a small screen buffer size 
which allow you only a few lines of debug history.

All this boring explanation to say that to be able to redirect debug messages 
to a file, the only solution I can see would be to include this option in the 
VLC command line args (an option like vlc -v --stdoutput=debug.txt)

Would anybody mind if I implemented such an option (which is obviously 
absolutly useless on linux), or maybe someone has a better idea ?


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