Playlist interface

Pierre Baillet pierre.baillet at
Thu Mar 8 13:50:10 CET 2001

Hi there,

just a quick mail to inform you about the progress i've done in my attempt to
implement the playlist dialog and all that goes with that.

For now, my devel version (i'll soon commit it) can display/hide a
playlist dialog which is just a list of file. I support drag and drop
from an URLencoded source (such as what nautilus is) an plain text
sources (gmc does that). I also support multiples files and folders.
The main dialog (the one with the ruler) now accept these drag & drops

For now i've restricted the type of file I add to the playlist according
to their extension. After i've spoken with some developers, it appears
that It should be good to switch to something that does not rely on file
extension. I'll probably do that as soon as the input plugins can probe
a file to decide whether or not they can parse and read it.

Extended selection in the playlist is also possible and can lead to
the deletion of these items. Double clicking on an item stops the
current stream and runs the one clicked. Dropping files in the playlist
add the files after the stream under the mouse when you release your
button. This does work, but can probably be much better. If anyone has
some knowledge about drag&drop in a GtkCList, help is welcome.

The main interface can also be hidden/shown through a menu in the output
window popup.

Here are the news, I'll prolly commit my changes soon as it is getting
rather big and dirty.

Pierre Baillet
Pierre.Baillet at  b2c2b2c fast assault & tactical director West France office manager, Evreux, France.

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