0.3.0 is getting closer

Henri Fallon henri at videolan.org
Tue May 1 19:34:03 CEST 2001

Hi all,

As 0.3.0 should get closer and closer, we'd like to sum up what's still
to be done before we are able to release.

The goal for the next week(s) is to close the 0.3.0 todo-list, so new
features probably won't be accepted into the CVS without an excellent
reason ;-) All bugfixes patches will be appreciated.

  * TODO list:

    It is available on http://www.videolan.org/vlc/todo.html

    Amongst the 12 critical items, 6 have been successfully completed.

    Remaining critical items:

     - 0x5b: Fix the FreeBSD port
         almost everything is working, sam is working on the CSS part

     - 0x58: Language and subtitles selection in network input
         it is rumoured to work, henri is working on it

     - 0x55: Video output IV
         sam is working on it

     - 0x53: Fix AC3 decoder
         reno is working on it

     - 0x4f: Fix all known DVD playback issues
         a job mainly for stef

     - 0x48: Fix audio synchro
         no takers, sam's audio output modifications might enhance this

    Amongst the 30 important items, 29 have been successfully completed.

    Remaining important items:

     - 0x59: Cope with vls/vlc clock jitter
         henri is working on it

  * Remaining critical bugs:

     - Asmax's new buffer allocator is heard to cause segfaults.

     - there is a memory leak when an invalid file is given as an

     - the Gnome/Gtk+ menus leave an empty frame when they are displayed
       during a chapter or title change.

     - the X11 video output gets slower and slower while playing.

     - the XVideo output is very unstable and causes Bad Shm Accesses or
       similar errors.

     - support for recent versions of ALSA is broken.

  * Stuff that would be nice to have in 0.3.0 but which aren't critical
    and which shouldn't cause a release delay:

     - proper playlist handling.

     - a way to specify the broadcast address in the input URI.
       Either Henri or Olivier will do it

     - the KDE interface (dae, do you plan to commit yours?).

     - fix the Qt interface (doesn't quit when closed).

     - merge all the Gnome/Gtk+ features.

     - fix the drag and drop handling between Qt and Gtk widgets.

  * Alternate port status:

     - BeOS: in excellent state, angle support needs to be added, and
       maybe chapter navigation.

     - FreeBSD: should only lack CSS decryption.

     - MacOS X: not very advanced, shouldn't be a priority for 0.3.0.

     - Win32: sort of works, mustn't be a priority for 0.3.0.

     - QNX: reported to play unencrypted DVDs by Jon Johansen, who is
       also working on a native video output.

     - HP48: just kidding.

  Updates and comments are welcome.


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