AC3 through SPDIF and mga_vid video output

German Gomez Garcia german at
Mon May 7 20:21:20 CEST 2001


 After updating CVS I'm really impressed with current status of VLC, it DVD
support is outstanding, but I've found that ac3_spdif doesn't work (skip
and chop sound continuously) and that mga_vid video output plugin is just
sketched. Is anybody working on it? I would like to help. One question, is
really necessary to have a new ac3_spdif? it's quite easy to reuse
ac3_decode module but change it so it doesn't decode, only parse and
syncronize and then 'patch' the output buffer to convert it to an iec958
compliant stream, at least I made that in mplayer and it works perfectly
(you have also to make the dsp plugin aware that it is in spdif mode so it
disable dsp buffering and write in blocks of size 4096). All this is for
SBLive, the only card, AFAIK, that currently support AC3 through SPDIF.

 About mga_vid I'm looking through the code of other players and it seems
quite direct, but I have not ever try it, so ... it just seems :-).


	- german

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