Which compiler for the Win32 port ?

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Mon May 21 23:00:09 CEST 2001

Hello everybody,

More people are now working on the Win32 port and funnily enough everybody
seems to be working with a different compiler (Mingw32, Bcc, Microsoft
visual C).
I'm not really keen on using anything else than Mingw32, and I suppose the
other people involved would also like to keep using their favorite
compiler. So unless the VideoLan team objects to this, we'll have to
support all these compilers.

This is not a real problem in itself, I raised the question just so that we
can set some rules.

This is how I see things:

- We should not use specific Win32 API functions whenever we can do
otherwise (ie: almost always). That means using the Microsoft Visual C
Run-Time (MSVCRT) instead. I guess MSVCRT functions introduce some overhead
compared to the native functions but this shouldn't be a bottleneck and it
will help to keep the VLC code clean.
- As I understand it, only Mingw32 has header files which are doing a
direct mapping between the names of the MSVCRT functions and their ANSI C
counterparts (eg: _read => read). Thus we'll have to build an header file
whith such mappings for the ANSI C functions used in the VLC and include it
when compiling with Bcc or MSVC.

I think this is about it. Does anybody see something else or have comments


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