raw device access under Linux

Jeffrey W. Baker jwbaker at acm.org
Mon Nov 5 23:29:24 CET 2001

On Mon, 2001-11-05 at 14:26, Christophe Massiot wrote:
> Keith,
> À (At) 21:59 -0700 22/10/01, Keith Packard écrivait (wrote) :
> >I've hacked raw device support into libdvdcss -- this avoids trashing the
> >buffer cache with DVD data.  Any interest in seeing this in the CVS
> >repository?
> Maybe you've already sent it to someone, but since I haven't seen it 
> in the CVS yet, I'll try again... We'd be delighted to have this 
> feature in libdvdcss, and I'd love to see it in the next release 
> (which should be announced later this week). Would it be ok for you ?

The raw device is a hack around the bad buffer cache handling in the
earlier 2.4 kernels.  With the latest 2.4 kernels it really shouldn't be
necessary.  Sequential read-once input doesn't pollute the buffer cache
like it used to.


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