raw device access under Linux

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Fri Nov 9 19:28:54 CET 2001

À (At) 15:27 -0800 5/11/01, Keith Packard écrivait (wrote) :

>  > Maybe you've already sent it to someone, but since I haven't seen it
>  > in the CVS yet, I'll try again... We'd be delighted to have this
>  > feature in libdvdcss, and I'd love to see it in the next release
>  > (which should be announced later this week). Would it be ok for you ?
>I sent it to a few people, but it's short so I'll included it here for
>those interested in looking at it.  Note that this is from 0.0.3 which is
>quite a bit different than current CVS; I've been unable to get current
>CVS to work with xine.  I don't believe this diff affects the changed
>portions of the library though.

It applies fine, but I'm a little dumb and I don't really understand 
how this works. The code refers to /dev/r* devices, but I don't have 
any /dev/rhdd for instance. And I'm a little confused because Linux 
uses /dev/raw/rawctl and /dev/raw/*. So what ?

>Is there any plan to ship the CSS keys from DeCSS?  I've found DVD playing
>with the current discovery mechanism to take a *long* time for most of the
>discs I've got; using the keys is a lot nicer.

With the latest libdvdcss there is a method which uses player keys if 
they are found at compile time.

Christophe Massiot.

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