sdl-lib for VLC (rpm)?

A. Troeltzsch andreas at
Sat Nov 17 18:47:51 CET 2001


I tried to install  vlc-0.2.91-1.rpm (suSE Linux 7.3, Kernel 2.4.10,
XFree 4.1.0).

I did the following steps:

1. Install  libdvdcss1-1.0.0-1.i386.rpm
2. Install  vlc-0.2.91-1.i386.rpm

The following error message occured:

Fehler: fehlgeschlagene Paket-Abhängigkeiten:   wird von vlc-0.2.91-1 gebraucht

(Error: missing package:   is missing by vlc-0.2.91-1)

I can not find such a package on your web-site. (Only for Debian. But I
do not know, how to use a *.deb file)

Did you forget to publish this file  (vlc-sdl.....rpm or something like
that) or can you help me with a hint?

Thank you very much.

Andreas Tröltzsch

Andreas Tröltzsch
Gellertstraße 36
76185 Karlsruhe

Tel.:  +49-721-5311530   (privat)
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