[RFC] Streamlining the input string format

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Thu Nov 22 13:58:40 CET 2001

We have a problem with the input string format (ie. "ts:myserver",
"http://www/mystream.mpg", "dvd:/dev/dvd", etc.). It isn't coherent
(ts is not an input method, it is a demux plug-in) and current
command-line options --server --broadcast etc. are a mess. So I
suggest we completely drop ts: and --server syntax, and replace it
with :
udp:[<server>][:<port>][/<bind address>]

<server>, <port> and <bind address> are all optional. If <server>
is missing, vlc won't connect ; so it will accept data coming from
any machine on the right port.

If <port> is missing, VLC will wait for data on port 1234 (like usual).

If <bind address> is missing, VLC will bind on INADDR_ANY, and set
SO_BROADCAST flag so that it can get packets going to a broadcast
address (needed on some architectures).

If <bind address> is set, VLC will bind on it, and if it is a multicast
address it will do the ADD_MEMBERSHIP stuff.

I expect to do the same thing for all supported platforms. Do you think
there could be a problem ?

Comments, etc.

Christophe Massiot.

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