How to Remote play video from VideoLan Server

Mufasa Yang MufasaYang at
Thu Nov 22 09:12:52 CET 2001

Thanks your kindly help! The problem is solved :)
By the way, I want to modestly ask for advances about VideoLan client and
I want to use vlc-0.2.91-win32 instead of Windows Media Player to play local
*.mpeg (or *.mpg), VideoLan Client 
seems to be not worked properly. Otherwise, it can be getten video streams
from VideoServer and played the video normally (first of all, DirectX must
be updating). But in Linux, vlc can play any local *.mpeg (or *.mpg). Have
any secret of success when I use vlc-0.2.91-win32 to play local *.mpeg (or
*.mpg) ??
At the Input.cfg, The program's type may be Mpeg1-PS, Mpeg2-PS, Mpeg2-TS and
(a) If the video is *.vob, what's the different from Mpeg2-PS and Mpeg-TS?? 
(b) If the video provided from VideoLan Server are *.mpeg *.mpg *.avi *.dat
or mpeg4 video, what kind of program's type  
     shoud be chosen?
Do you have any advice for my problem? Thanks so much!

Best Regard


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On Tue, Nov 20, 2001, Mufasa Yang wrote:
>     But when a client want to access remote or local video server by IP,
> can't be gotten any video stream from server. Do you have any advice for
> problem. Thank you very much.

Does the datas reach your PC (you can see that with a
"tcpdump" or an "iptraf") ? 

If it is a problem like "cannot connect socket", try to :

1) Put your address in the "broadcast" field in section net of the
VideoLAN Client,

2) or (better...) get the last CVS version of the client, a kind of
bug has been removed those days in the network input... it may be the
solution to your problems.



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