Question about the videoLan products

Tristan Leteurtre tooney at
Mon Nov 26 19:07:33 CET 2001

On Sat, Nov 24, 2001, Jordan Mendell wrote:
> I am looking for a software setup that will capture and encode MPEG2
> from a capture card, and send the bit stream to a player via ethernet.
> Does VideoLAN do this?

Absolutely. For that purpose, you have to get a MPEG2-real-time encoding
card which is supported under Linux, and then the VideoLAN server (vls)
gets the bit streams from the device and send it though the network.

For MPEG2-encoder, a the time the only card supported under Linux is the
one described on, and there is also all the drivers for

The CVS version of the vls supports the reading from this card. Then, if
you want to watch the stream, you can use the VideoLAN client.

If you want to use your own card (like a DV card), you may have a look
at SAMPEG on, but you would need a *very* powerful computer,
and we have not tested that yet. But in any way, all that works under



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