CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Mon Nov 26 23:28:05 CET 2001

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/extras/libdvdread
Modified Files:
	bswap.h dvdread.c ifo_print.h ifo_read.h ifo_types.h 
	nav_print.h nav_read.h nav_types.h 

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/macosx
Modified Files:

Log Message:
 *) changed includes from
    #include <dvdread/...> to
    #include "..."

 *) Darwin doesn't have off64_t, stat64, lseek64. Added
    #ifdef SYS_DARWIN
    #define off64_t off_t
    to dvdread.c

 *) Fixed stupid bug in vout_macos.x. On startup, it would
    try to free a non-existant QuickTime Sequence. This could be
    the reasons for (some?) of the crashes at startup.


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