NTSC DVD resolution

Rudolf Cornelissen rag.cornelissen at inter.nl.net
Sun Oct 7 22:33:57 CEST 2001

Hello there,

The VLC always opens at 720x576 res mode by default. This is correct for PAL 
DVD's (region 2), but for NTSC DVD's (region1) this should be 720x480 res.
I know you can override the default window size, but this does not seem to 
help because it looks like the movie is still resized while this should not 
be. (Not every pixel is outputted 1:1 as it should be afaik).

A PAL movie does get outputted 1:1 in it's official resolution 720x576 
however. The effects of playing a NTSC movie is extra roundoff and moire 
artifacts on the screen. This is not (much less anyway) the case with PAL 

Anyway. Just wanted to report this to you. Maybe it can be checked somehow..


Best regards,

Rudolf Cornelissen.

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