Communication between interface, input and output

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Tue Oct 9 22:42:05 CEST 2001


I'm working at a new interface for osx at the moment.

But I have several problems with the communication between the different

I need to create the output window in the interface thread (since I need to
handle the events there). I found a way to tell the output about it's new
window (using the i_changes field in vout_thread_t, and a new constant
VOUT_OSX_QDPORT_CHANGE). But I don't know how to communicate the other way.

I would like to make the output thread tell the interface thread that it
need a window - at the moment I create the window as soon as the interface
notices (in a timer firering every 0.5 seconds) that an output was created.

I also don't know if the interface can detect that a new input has been
opened. Most times it knows because the interface triggered the opening, but
if you e.g. provide a file on the command line, how does the interface know?

I would like to hear from anyone who believes that it is important for the
output to be able to work with any kind of interface (e.g. the dummy
interface). I though this would be usefull, but since I couldn't get the
window creation to the output thread I dropped it for now. Supporting this
would require the output to detect wether a complying interface is running
or not, and to take over creating a window (and doing the event handling) if
there is none.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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