iPAQ port

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Wed Oct 17 11:08:56 CEST 2001


I also cross-compiled vlc for the iPaq several times and created an ipkg
without SDL support (based on vlc-0.2.83). Shall I send the ipkg to you?
Tweaked in config.h the default screen size to match the iPaq's LCD.
Further more the audio does not work, the performance is not optimal a
lot of frames are dropped.

Other things that are needed are:
- The default screen size should match the iPaq LCD screen
- A landscape mode for vlc would be nice
- The default userinterface gtk should be sized with in the LCD screen
size. For easier access to the controls and dialogs.
- No floating point arithmic, because the strongArm does not support
hardware floating points calculations. 

A little history of what I'm doing now. 
For my employer I am creating a demonstration for a wireless streaming
video solution. I use an iPaq, WLAN card (3COM AirConnect), WLAN AP also
3Com. The software I'am using for streaming video is from VideoLan (the
vlms and vlc). 
The Wireless LAN can cope with a throughput of about 4 MB/s, so I had to
scale down some DVD to less then that. The overall image quality is
acceptable for such a small screen.
The demo works now, but is not stable enough and lacks audio. Currently
I'm trying to get the WLAN drivers working better and after that I'll
have some time on my hand to help out for vlc.

The time I got allocated to work on this (pet) project is limited to one
day a week. If I do not have other assignments, then I can spare more
time to help out. 

Where can I help?

Jean-Paul Saman.

Christophe Massiot wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Is anyone working on/interested in an iPAQ port for VLC ? I have
> already started the work, it compiles and runs fine, but with poor
> performance and no audio. What would need to be done is :
> - Fix the audio decoding (I have ideas on this) ;
> - Port a strongarm assembler version of the YUV transform (already
> available in a GPL DivX player) ;
> - Optionally write a specific interface (the current GTK interface
> should run fine, but I don't think it is really well-suited for palm
> devices) ;
> - Finally write other specific optimizations (for instance for IDCT).
> FYI I have set up a very experimental ipkg feed for familiar 0.5,
> based on 0.2.90 and a stripped down version of SDL, without any
> interface. For your ipkg.conf file :
> ftp://ftp.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/ipkg-feed/armv4l/
> --
> Christophe Massiot.

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