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Xavier RONDE-OUSTAU xavierrondeoustau at
Fri Sep 7 11:01:40 CEST 2001

>À (At) 10:58 -0700 6/09/01, Michel LESPINASSE écrivait (wrote) :
>>Have you looked at the precision of this routine ? I suppose its
>>precise enough as its based on floats - but I'd love to see the ieee
>>test results for it though.
>As usual I didn't look at anything :-), I didn't even try it since I
>do not have a G4. I just read
><>, where
>Michel Lanners says he will have a look at it. Maybe you should
>contact him directly...
>>I've been looking at motorola's integer implementation (16-bit), but
>>its not precise enough (far from it) and I dont think there is any
>>hope to bring it to compliance.

I am working for Motorola not for a long time anymore and if you're 
interested, I can find some information and some contacts who could help you 
and tell you if "there is any hope to bring it to compliance".
The official documentation is available on the internet (public access):

I also have a contact name but perhaps I could find someone more relevant 
for this problem.
here is his address : Simon.Walker at

Don't hesitate to give more details on what you need to know
Hope it will help


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