Segmentation fault

Marc Gregoire Marc.Gregoire at
Mon Sep 10 11:33:13 CEST 2001


I've downloaded the latest version of vlc.
I start playing a movie and after a few seconds i press the pause
button. Then i switch between a few windows and when i return to the vlc
window suddenly vlc gives a segmentation fault. I took a look at the
code and found out that in file vout_xvideo.c in function vout_Manage,
there's a check on an expose event which is being processed only when
playback is paused. When an expose event occurs, XVideoDisplay( p_vout
); is called. In that function, p_vout->p_rendered_pic is used, but this
variable is NULL when playback is paused. Apparently this variable is
set to NULL in file video_output.c in function RunThread. In that
function there's a line "p_vout->p_rendered_pic = NULL;". When i disable
that line, vlc won't crash anymore when playback is paused and you
switch between windows.
But, my question, is it save to just remove the line
"p_vout->p_rendered_pic = NULL;" or will this cause other problems?

Another problem i have is, when you use the pause button (with or
without the hack above) or the fast, slow buttons, vlc won't quit
anymore. If you select file/quit after using one of those buttons, the
main function in main.c seems to run up to return 0; (the last line of
main()), but hangs on return 0;. I've no idea why the hell it hangs on a
line like return 0;. My best bet is that something is wrong in function
input_ClockManageControl in file  input_clock.c, but i've no idea what
it could be.
The nasty thing about this problem is, it doesn't always happen, but it
seems i almost alwaysget it when i press fast, then play and then

Can someone help me with these problems?

system info:
- dual pIII 733
- 256 MB
- geforce 2 gts
- redhat 7.1
- linux  2.4.2-2smp

Marc Gregoire

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