[ANNOUNCE] VideoLAN decisions

Tristan Leteurtre tooney at via.ecp.fr
Wed Sep 26 18:15:45 CEST 2001


   The VideoLAN team has decided to adopt a new way to take decisions
concerning the VideoLAN client, to make no differences between
developpers all over the world.

   Until now, the VideoLAN core team, ie the developpers at ECP [1],
were leading the policy concerning the VideoLAN Client. Due to the great
number and the great quality of external developpers, we decided to
split the project in two parts :

a) The VideoLAN Client (vlc) branch of the cvs does no longer belong
to the VideoLAN core team, it means that all decisions must be debated
in the Mailing-List "vlc-devel" and that each developper is invited to
participate and to give his opinion about the policy of this OpenSource

b) The VideoLAN core team keeps its control upon the "VideoLAN project",
ie the projet which aims to broadcast video in the campus of ECP. The
team still controls the VideoLAN Channel Server (vlcs) and the VideoLAN
Server (vls), but it only uses the VideoLAN Client (vlc). The policy
described in (a) will soon be applied to these two parts.

  We hope that this new way of working will allow everyone to be more
implicated in this project.

[1] http://www.ecp.fr/

Tristan LETEURTRE, for the VideoLAN team.

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