Picture Formats

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Mon Apr 1 06:57:52 CEST 2002

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002, Samuel Hocevar wrote:

> >     B_YCbCr422 =         0x4000,    /* Y0[7:0]  Cb0[7:0]  Y1[7:0]  Cr0[7:0]
>    This is probably FOURCC_YUY2, FOURCC_YUNV and FOURCC_V422 (they're
> all the same). If it's correct, then it's the one you want to use
> because the conversion from the decoder pictures to this format is
> pretty fast.
> >     B_YUV422 =            0x4020, /* U0[7:0]  Y0[7:0]   V0[7:0]  Y1[7:0]
>    This is probably FOURCC_UYVY, FOURCC_Y422 and FOURCC_UYNV.
>    Note: one of my interpretations for B_YCbCr422 or B_YUV422 is wrong,
> but I don't know which one. My bet is that the one for B_YUV422 is
> correct.

   Ok, forget that :-) I just checked the old BeOS code for vlc, it was
using B_YCbCr422 and the conversion routines do exactly the same as the
ones that are currently in i420_yuy2.c.

   So, if the old BeOS was correct, you should use a B_YCbCr422 window
and tell the video output it's a FOURCC_UYVY picture.


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