BeOS and nVidia

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Mon Apr 8 09:22:58 CEST 2002

On Mon, 08 Apr 2002 "Tony Castley" <tony at> wrote:
>This is a known BeOS problem.  I am looking into the problem now.
>It appears that the BeOS nVidia driver has some restrictions on the 
>usage of overlays and I need to figure out how to handle them.
>> No idea if the vlc team knows about this, but with any nVidia card 
>> I've 
>> tried with 0.3.0 (and tonight's CVS) does not work properly with 
>> vlc's 
>> overlay.  I get diagonal lines across my screen that completely 
>> distort 
>> the video.  Others have this problem as well.  AFAIK this only 
>> happens 
>> under BeOS, as overlay under Linux seems to work fine with my card.
>> Sorry if this has been reported already.
>> Andrew Gildehaus

I've got a similar problem on Win32, so I don't think it is a BeOS problem ;-)

As you said, the graphics card imposes certain restrictions on the picture buffers. To be more specific, the picture buffers you create have a stride (or pitch) which is different from their width.

It shouldn't be a problem except that the mpeg video decoder currently expects the width to be equal to the stride. I'm in the process of fixing this, I've almost finished except that I've got a segfault during the motion compensation step of B pictures, so I still need to fix this.

Linux doesn't show this problem because Xv picture buffers are always created in system memory and then transfered by X itself to the video memory. As they are created in system memory the video hardware restrictions usually don't apply.


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