Preparing 0.3.1

Tony Castley tony at
Wed Apr 17 07:44:05 CEST 2002

>    We plan to release 0.3.1 very soon, which will be a bugfix-only
> release to address the issues found in 0.3.0. So, if you have pending
> fixes please commit them within 24 hours, and if you have pending new
> features please wait until this release is done.
>    If you are working on an important fix that will take time, just try
> to convince everyone it's important enough to delay a release :-)
> -- 
> Sam.

I have already commited all the fixes I plan for 0.3.1, but (there is
always a but) someone has pointed out to me that the subtitles are not
working on the BeOS release.  Is this a problem on all versions or just
BeOS?  They don't appear in overlay or bitmap mode ie YUV or RGB, if
someone could look at it this is a fix that should be done prior to 0.3.1



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