the big modules changes

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Thu Aug 1 13:44:45 CEST 2002

Gildas Bazin <gbazin at>:

> I'm not really sure putting things in "arch" is a good solution. It is
> really misleading. That means you always have to look for a specific
> plugin 
> in two different places, first in the revelant category, then in arch.
> arch/win32 is even more disputable because there really is only the 
> interface plugin in there so it should go into something like 
> "interface\win32".

Some plug-ins are really specific though. For instance OS X vout and
OS X intf are very tightly integrated and rely on each other. I don't
think the OS X and BeOS plug-ins would gain in being splitted across
the modules/ directory.

> but scope should definitely go into audio_filter (it is
> just an audio filter using a video output after all).


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