the big modules changes

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Thu Aug 1 14:01:43 CEST 2002

Samuel Hocevar <sam at>:

> > . The place of vcd, dvd, dvdread and dvdplay isn't easy to find : 
> > they're both access and demux plug-ins.
>    Right. I didn't know where to put it so I arbitrarily decided that
> the access part of the plugin was prevalent. Would you rather have
> them
> in demux? Or in another toplevel directory?

Well, I don't know. I have no better solution. Probably access/ will
be less crowded than demux, so we would pollute less.

> > . Maybe it isn't necessary to move some of the plug-ins right now ? 
>    My idea was to have a "modules" directory instead of "plugins", so

Yeah I noticed, but since you didn't write specifically about that
change, people may not have noticed it :p (a good old habit to do
things behind our back, eh ?).

> that we'd be sure to have a fresh new tree. But we could delay the
> removal of the plugins directory.

Well, if that's interesting and not too much hassle...

> > For instance the audio plug-ins will change a lot in the very near 
> > future and I can handle it. And I'm in favour of completely removing
> > ac3_adec from the CVS, now that a52dec is thread-safe, is faster, 
> > crashes less, and is much more understandable.
>    Well, as discussed on IRC, I agree that a52 is far better than our
> ac3_adec but I'd like to keep ac3_adec anyway because it's always
> interesting to have two modules doing the same thing. We could set its
> priority to 0 and add a big "DEPRECATED" note in its description, but
> I'd like to continue maintaining it.

Yeah I moved the discussion here to let others give their opinion.
I still think that keeping ac3_adec in the cvs is misleading and people
may continue to believe that they don't need to install liba52 to
use VLC. And I don't like having kludgy code in the CVS.

> > Anyway, I suggest that before checking in the whole bazunga, you post
> > the result of find plugins -type d, so that we can comment before any
> > harm is done.
>    How about this:

>      codec/mad/docs

Maybe we could move this to vlc/doc/mad ?

>      control/lirc
>      control/rc

Not in interface ?


It may not be worth renaming mpeg_vdec/*, since it will disappear soon

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