[CVS] how to handle the plugins -> modules move

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Mon Aug 5 11:32:08 CEST 2002

   You may have noticed that I did not cvs delete any files in the
plugins/ directory yet. This is on purpose to make the change smoother
for people with pending changes. Here is how things should work:

  * find a file you modified in the plugins/ directory and haven't
    checked in yet, say plugins/foo/woozle.c
  * generate a diff for this file:
       cvs diff -u plugins/foo/woozle.c > /tmp/woozle.diff
  * find the location of the new file, say modules/bar/woozle.c
  * patch it:
       patch modules/bar/woozle.c /tmp/woozle.diff

   If you really don't have time to deal with the changes, just commit
them to plugins/ and I will do the move for you. If you don't have a CVS
account, send the stuff to me or post it to a website and send a link to
the mailing-list.

   I'll probably wipe out plugins/ at the end of the week. This should
leave time to most of us.


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