CVS Commit: vlc

cvs at cvs at
Sat Aug 10 22:05:22 CEST 2002

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc
Modified Files: configure 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/include
Modified Files: 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/codec/faad
Added Files:
	.cvsignore Makefile decoder.c decoder.h 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/codec/ffmpeg
Modified Files:
	ffmpeg.c ffmpeg.h 

Update of /cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/demux/mp4
Modified Files:

Log Message:
 * modules/codec/faad : an AAC decoder module using libfaad library
 * modules/demux/mp4/libmp4.c : could compile without zlib.
 * modules/codec/ffmpeg/* : set error resilience to -1 by default.(in
order to decode more files, but it could produce segfaults ... )
 * Makefile.*, : enable mp4 by default, add faad
module (disabled by default ).


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