[ANN] VideoLAN Client 0.4.4

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Sun Aug 11 03:12:19 CEST 2002

   The VideoLAN team is happy to announce version 0.4.4 "Codec" of VLC,
the VideoLAN Client, a multimedia player for MPEG, DVD, VCD and DivX for
most operating systems.

   Version 0.4.4 is a bugfix release. Most important fixes include:

   * Linked with libdvdcss 1.2.2, which fixes the "ioctl_ReadTitleKey failed"
     error many users were having.
   * Win32 fixes in the thread implementation and the message queue.
   * VLC can now read AVIs created with ffmpeg.
   * DVD subtitles should be readable again under MacOS X.

   The full ChangeLog is at : http://www.videolan.org/vlc/changelog.html

   You can download VLC 0.4.4 via HTTP or FTP :


   Tarballs are available, as well as x86 Debian, Windows and a MacOS X
package. Binary builds for other architectures will be available later;
if you build a package, you can upload it to our incoming directory:


   Many people have also expressed their desire to donate money to the
project. We have set up a PayPal account to make things easier. If you
really love VideoLAN and would like to contribute, please have a look at
this page to know how to proceed and how the money will be spent:


For the VideoLAN team,

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